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Child Custody Lawyer

Needless to mention, divorce brings along a spectrum of emotions. Not only does it influence lives of the partners, but also takes a toll on their children. While the loss of assets can be regained, you can never compensate whatever your child goes through during the entire divorce proceedings.

Child custody is a complex matter. Both the parental rights and children’s rights are important, but the state has an expressed interest in the welfare of children. A number of factors like child’s age, health, emotional ties and education are important when it comes to securing your child’s custody. Approach a child custody lawyer in Sunnyvale, CA, to ensure that you win the case.

The Law Office of Kaveh Mirshafiei works with you in order to provide professional legal assistance so you get through the child custody proceedings efficiently. The child custody attorney in Sunnyvale has hands-on knowledge and courtroom experience that adds credibility to the portfolio.

The lawyer voices your willingness and the capability to raise your child in the best possible manner. While doing so, the attorney keeps in mind other factors that affect child custody law, which enables you to attain favourable decision from the judiciary.

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