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In California, there are several ways to terminate a marriage, namely dissolution of marriage (commonly known as divorce), legal separation, and nullity (annulment). Dissolution of Marriage ends all legal bonds. There are residency requirements to get divorced in California. This means you have to have been a resident of the state of California for the past 6 months and the resident of the county in which you want to file for divorce for at least the past 3 months.

Both persons do not have to agree to the divorce. One spouse cannot force the other to stay in the relationship. Either spouse can decide to end the marriage and the other spouse cannot stop the process. Non-participation may lead to a default judgment, not to a dismissal of the divorce.

If the parties cannot reach an agreement to with respect to the relevant issues of the marriage, then they will need to ask the court to make final decisions regarding their issues, such as division of their assets and obligations, spousal support, child support, child custody, etc.

It takes at least six months for the divorce to become final. The six months starts from the date of filing and serving the petition for divorce on the other party..

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We help you gather all the documents required to file a petition for dissolution of your marriage. To provide you the best possible assistance, the we make sure to establish open-ended communication sessions with you with a motive to understand the circumstances you are going through and the things you expect to achieve in your case.

Kaveh Mirshafiei provides you with legal assistance to get through the process seamlessly and achieve favourable outcomes. Call us right away to discuss your case and file a petition.

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