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Legal Separation Lawyers

Legal separation is a process by which a married couple formalizes a de facto separation while remaining legally married. The court order for a legal separation sets out the rights and responsibilities of spouses to be shared while they lead separate lives. It is considered to be the first step towards divorce, but it is not necessary that every couple leading a separate life end up getting divorced.

When a couple decides to apply for legal separation, they need to enter into a separation agreement that defines spousal support, child custody, visitation rights and a division of marital property. This agreement can be enforced by the court if one spouse does not agree to follow the rules willingly. The same agreement may be considered by the court if the spouses lead to divorce down the line.

Kaveh Mirshafiei is an experienced legal separation lawyer in Sunnyvale who is dedicated to help you with legal formalities involved in legal separation. Our office will help you clarify the numerous rights and obligations that need to be shared between you and your spouse with respect to child custody, division of assets & liabilities and visitation in a fair and reasonable manner.

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