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Property division lawyers

Division of marital assets is one of the most difficult tasks involved in the dissolution of any marriage. An experienced and knowledgeable property division attorney in Sunnyvale would be able to help you protect your best interests and rights when it comes to the division of marital property.

Disputes can be raised over whether an asset is a community property or separate property. Your spouse can hide their assets from you. There could be numerous reasons that make property division a difficult task to handle. That’s why you should hire a property division attorney in Sunnyvale who could assist you with the intricate laws associated with the property division.

When couples with high-income portfolio dissolve their marriage, property division requires the attention of a knowledgeable property attorney. Kaveh Mirshafiei a property division lawyer in Sunnyvale will help you understand your rights and responsibilities, and will help you achieve fair division of the marital assets while maintaining high regards for the interests of both partners.

The law office of Kaveh Mirshafiei helps divorcing couples achieve fair property division settlements regardless of the size of the assets.

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