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Restraining orders, also known as protection orders, are legal orders issued to prohibit an individual from threatening, harassing, accosting or even contacting a specific person. Such orders are generally meant for domestic violence cases to prevent the abusive spouse or partner from approaching the other spouse or partner.

If your partner threatens you, file a petition for restraining order with the help of a restraining order attorney in Sunnyvale. The attorney will convince the judge that you need protection from continuing or imminent harm.

In case of domestic violence, the victim (referred to as the petitioner) supplies a statement with facts supporting a claim of harm, which convinces a judge to issue a temporary restraining order without notice to the defendant (also referred to as the respondent). Once the defendant receives the notice, a hearing to finalize the order is held.

During the hearing, your attorney will prove the truth hidden in the allegations that finally enable you to get a restraining order from the abusive partner.

If your spouse or partner is stalking or threating you, approach one of the reputed restraining order lawyers in Sunnyvale, CA. The Law Office of Kaveh Mirshafiei offers you comprehensive legal representations that enable you get protection orders from the court in a seamless manner.

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