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Visitation is one of the major issues to be dealt with during a child custody proceedings. In a divorce, it goes without saying that children go through the spectrum of emotions, which are unhealthy for their overall growth. That is why, California law tends to encourage both parents to spend time with the child and prioritize their relationship with them over their disputes. Custody and visitation rights in California are primarily concerned with prioritizing interest of the child.

There are basically three types of visitation orders including visitation, supervised visitation and no visitation. The Law Office of Kaveh Mirshafiei is committed to providing complete legal assistance regarding visitation issues.

Our office provides remarkable representation to protect the best interest of your child so you get favourable visitation arrangements and schedule. Discuss your case with a visitation lawyer in Sunnyvale.

We understand that child custody and visitation is one of the most sensitive issues involved in divorce and paternity cases. Therefore, we ensure that we handle your visitation matter with utmost care while keeping in mind emotions and relationships involved.

Kaveh Mirshafiei is a knowledgeable and experienced custody and visitation lawyer in Sunnyvale, CA who carries out your case in such a manner that you attain favourable outcomes.

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